Tiny Super Heroes


I spent all of last night handing out candy to adorable trick or treaters. There were a bunch of extra cute kids happily opening up their bags and baskets for a handful of sweets. Halloween has always held top-holiday status in my house. It’s an honor that was bestowed by my mother and carried on by my sister and I. Halloween should feel lucky. It had stiff competition, what with all those holidays dedicated to giving gifts and eating carbs. But Halloween is about candy, costumes, and community, so it rose up.

There’s very little that gives me as much joy as handing out candy to four year olds dressed as super heroes.

I want them all to grow up to be real-life super heroes. I want the tiny Iron Man to become an engineer. I want the little Elsa to grow up to be a climate change scientist. I want the miniature ninja turtle to be inspired to study biology in college. But it’s up to us to make that happen. We have to make sure those kinds of opportunities are available for all the kids in our communities, not just the ones in our homes.

Now that we’re all in a sugar-coma and stuck to the couch, we have plenty of time to investigate our local and state politicians. These are the people who help decide how our taxes are spent, who benefits from state and federal programs, and which laws actually get passed. The president is important, but it’s not all up to her.

So take some time today and check out who else is going to be on your ballot. Figure out which people will help all those tiny trick-or-treaters you met yesterday evening became scientists or writers or presidents, then vote for them.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Super Heroes

  1. The world is under attack. Thor swings his mighty hammer and leaps into the night sky. Flying toward the battleground, Thor notices an unusually bright flash above the horizon. He pauses for moment while slipping his journal from his back pocket…

    1. As Mythbuster’s Adam Savage says, “The only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.”

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