High Fives All Around


I love coming across stories that show me just how great science is and just how awesome the people are who use it to make the world better. The last few days I’ve been reading about a boy who got a double hand transplant. First, he had no hands, and then, after a long surgery, he had two hands. Zero to two! It’s amazing. And they work. He can throw a ball and eat pizza, which are pretty much the only reasons to have hands.

They are supposed to grow with him, but doctors aren’t exactly sure if they’ll last his whole life—mostly because they have never put two new hands on a kid before. I hope they do, but even if they don’t, he will still have been able to throw a lot of balls and eat a lot of pizza before he gets new ones. And isn’t that what life is all about? Just enjoying it as much as we can until our body rejects itself?

Well, that got a little morbid, but this is actually a happy story. It reminds me that if our goals are to better ourselves (like these doctors pushing to do incredible surgeries) and the world (like these doctors helping people instead of building cyborgs to rob banks), humans can be pretty awesome. The rest of the news stories seem to be trying to convince me that we’re all terrible, but this one served as a reminder that we don’t have to be.



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