Stuff to Buy


Guys, I put my doodles on items you can wear and carry, like shirts and mugs and tote bags. Everyone knows you can never have enough tote bags and coffee mugs. Also, buying things made by Americans (me) is very American. We’re about to celebrate our country’s independence, so be a patriot and TAKE A LOOK.

THE SHOP is online, so you don’t even need to leave your couch to check it out. That’s the way everyone should shop, because you avoid pushy salespeople and jarring lights. You can also avoid the dressing room attendant taking your actual clothes from your assigned room and throwing them in with everyone else’s unwanted tried-on clothing while you’re looking in the three-piece mirror. Not that that’s normal—but it’s possible. Like maybe if someone was shopping at Target last weekend to try and find a Fourth of July outfit. Then that person might come back to her dressing room to find it completely empty. She might start to wonder if she even exists or if she’s really a ghost that only a weird little kid can see. It could lead to a minor existential crisis that can only be soothed by peanut butter ice cream. Believe me, you want to avoid all that. I’d guess. I don’t know from personal experience.

Anyway, the things with my doodles on them are in MY NEW SHOP. You should check them out. I’ll keep adding doodles, so if you don’t like something yet, just wait, which is a pretty good life lesson. If you wait long enough, maybe I’ll put that on a coffee mug.


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