Brain Fog


I’ve been away from my blog for bit, but it hasn’t been far from my mind. I know my adoring fans (hi, mom!) are just pacing in their kitchens every morning, wishing for another note from me. Never fear, I’m alive and mostly well. I’ve been spending a lot of energy fighting off tick bacteria, celebrating the love of friends, and trying to make my way to and from work without succumbing to the dangers of the metro.

To be honest, I’m having a hard time writing lately. My brain is feeling a bit cloudy and I’m trying to clear away the haze. I know part of it is my own brain-fog, but I’ve also been feeling overwhelmed by what has taken over my newsfeed. It feels like that’s all I should be writing about, but at the same time, I can’t quite land on the words. I can’t even decide which item on this long long list of horrendous topics to discuss first. Fortunately and unfortunately, these things aren’t going anywhere, so I’ll get back to them when I’m feeling more articulate.

For now, I’m working on something that takes fewer words. It might be kinda fun for a couple people—mostly my parents. I’ll probably share it this week, so look out for that very minor, but pretty awesome announcement. I’m also listening to a lot of StarTalk because it helps to remember how amazing the universe is and to appreciate the strange, unlikely circumstances that led to me (and you) growing on this planet. We’re pretty lucky for that. Big props to the rapidly expanding universe, the photons that created more matter than anti-matter, and the roving electrons that smashed into atoms to create our essential elements. Also major thanks to gravity and luck for pulling Earth into a rotation that allowed water to continue to exist on the planet. Clutch.

Leave a comment. Just try it. It will be fun, I swear.