Different Pages


I didn’t know what to write about for today’s post, so I asked for Dave’s advice. He was playing virtual soccer, and he wasn’t paying much attention to what I was saying. I decided to give him some options to help the conversation along. Here they are with his actual responses:

  1. French people smoking cigarettes: “cee-gar-etttttes!”
  2. Monsters who eat people: “Oh my god, Lindsay, watch this replay.”
  3. Pizza made from the tears of my enemies: “Yes. Anything made from the tears of your enemies is great.”
  4. The octopus that escaped its aquarium by opening an unlatched door, squeezing through a tiny tube, and scooting into the ocean: “What is the call!?! What is the call!?!?”
  5. Girls being told that little boys like them when they pull their hair: “Yes, cause I like you. I’ll prove it.”
  6. Why lakes are better than oceans: “Oh man. You’re driving me bonkers.”
  7. Maybe something about…: “No. No. That sounds like garbage and I will not support it.”
  8. A t-shirt that cleans itself while you’re wearing it: “Look at this. Wait. Look at this. Look. Look. What a shot.”

We’re really good at this whole communication thing.

One thought on “Different Pages

  1. I don’t know who this Dave guy is, but he sounds like a really awesome Fifa player. Also you should watch more of his awesome replays. And that ref needs to get his eyes checked.

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