Yesterday I got my hair re-dyed by the stylist I always see. It’d been a while and the dyed portion had faded to a pretty blue-ish grey that I liked but wanted to enhance.

My hairstylist is wonderful and friendly and not afraid to take risks. That last part is why I keep going back to her. When I went in, I told her I liked the way the blue was bringing out my eyes and that I’d like more of it. She happily agreed. We went through a few shades and came up with a plan. Then she went rogue.

I guess she thought adding a touch of green and a brighter blue would add even more zest. And it did. Too much zest. By the time she unfolded the foil, I had hair the color of Skittles. She was really excited about it. I think she was also trying to do me a favor, because she knows it will fade soon and wanted to give me some more time. I like a good deal, so I appreciate that. However, what had been a really lovely blueish grey is now a bold shade of cotton candy.

I was feeling depressed about it not being the pretty tone it once was, but then I said to myself, “Girl, you are not here to be pretty. You are here to be awesome.”

If that means rockin’ an extra bright blue for a few weeks, so be it. This week, it has also meant getting super sweaty at the gym, earning my tired-eyes after working late nights, and wearing my sneakers to the office. Each of those things helped me get closer to the person I want to be and none of them helped me get any prettier. In fact, a less-than-kind person might say they took me further away. I have more important things to worry about than looking pretty though, like how I can help support girls education around the world and where to find the best vegan donuts.

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  1. This is just wanted I needed to read today 🙂 This is also the first time I’ve commented on a blog…

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