Yeah, Toast


In our house, there were two cures for any ailment. Either you hustled through it or you ate some toast. Have a stomach ache? Toast. Feel a bit tired? Toast. Have a bad day? Toast.

My mother continues to suggest toast as a medication for any number of issues in my life. I’ve called her when I was curled up sick on my couch or when I was just too emotionally drained to be bothered with eating a real meal. The answer is always the same, “Why don’t you just have some toast?” It’s been so embedded in my brain that I now find an unusually deep comfort in a warmed, browned slice of bread—slathered with butter, peanut butter, or jam.

As soon as I get that first bite, I feel like everything is going to be ok. I sink back a bit and relax. It’s not necessarily the healthiest coping mechanism, but it’s better than crack. And, yes, that’s a standard I’m comfortable with, so don’t worry about it.

Of course, any toast connoisseur knows that you choose peanut butter for an energy pick-me-up, jam for an emotional booster, and butter for any health-related concerns. That’s Toast 101. And by Toast 101, I mean a new community college course that my mother is teaching on health and wellness.

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