A New Friend


Three days in the row I have crossed the street and passed another girl walking in the opposite direction. We’ve seen one another at the same spot, at the same time, every day. Out of the mass of people walking down the sidewalk, I think we’ve noticed one another each time because we have similar feelings about unnatural hair color. The bottom half of her hair is dyed dark green and part of mine is dyed purple.

I only know a few things about this obviously awesome girl, but each one of them makes me want to be her friend. First, she has great hair—different enough to be interesting but not obtrusively wild. Second, she had a reasonable respect for traffic laws, but still started walking slightly before the light turned. Third, she moved confidently between the suited businessmen that barge their way through our city.

Yesterday, we gave each other a little smirk. Today, we might fist bump as we pass one another. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll invite her to eat some pie. I see a beautiful friendship blossoming between the green-haired, confident walker and me.

Just kidding, I will never speak to her because I would inevitable say something awkward and mildly offensive.

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