Elevator Talk


What do people in LA talk about on the elevator, since the weather is always the same?

I’ve had a lot of time to think about this really important question, since I ride the elevator at work and am constantly being asked about the weather. Based on my one short trip to the city years ago and a lot of reality television, this is what I think small talk consists of in LA:

  1. a recent pilates-yoga-meditation-tai chi class on the beach
  2. how many kale juices each person drank that day
  3. which crystals will resolve a particular emotional ailment
  4. fusion cuisine in unsatisfying portions
  5. the weather always being the same

My one friend in LA will probably tell me they actually discuss astrophysics and world hunger while waiting for the little numbers to ding and the doors to slide open, but it’s likely she’s been brainwashed by Scientologists, so whatev.

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