Short Hair, Don’t Care


I have short hair—so short that my stylist pulls out the buzzer when I sit in the chair. The second most common thing people say to me about it is “What does your husband think of your hair?” I respond to them in one of three ways:

  1. Nothing. He thinks nothing about it. Because he’s been in a coma for seven months.
  2. Well, he has a compulsive hair pulling condition, so it’s an unfortunate measure we have to take as a couple for my protection.
  3. He think it’s great, because he wants to make sure strangers get the opportunity to ask me uncomfortable and sexist questions.

Luckily, the most common thing I hear about my cut is “Whoa, your hairstyle is so badass. You must be a super fly chick who makes unconventional but awesome choices.” Because I say that to myself in the mirror every morning.

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