30 Feet


Nearly every day Dave and I walk to the metro together in the morning. It’s just a two block trip and the walk has become a lovely routine. I forget to shut our gate, Dave pulls it closed, we step over the garbage some high schoolers have dropped, and turn the corner. We comment on the excessive decor of our neighbor’s home, walk over a big crack in the sidewalk, and avoid an unruly bush. We stop at the mini-library and don’t pick up anything. We check out the garden that the house full of rehabilitating felons never tends. We wait for a break in traffic, say hello to the man handing out newspapers at the Metro station, and then head down the escalator. We could probably do it all with our eyes closed.

But since that would add an unnecessary level of danger to the journey, we decided to try a less drastic way to spice things up. Well, we didn’t so much decide as we just accepted one random circumstance. Specifically, we saw a sign in front of our house that forced us to move our car, so we did. We parked it around the corner and walked to the metro on the opposite side of the street.

At first, this seemed like no big deal. Then we started to realize that everything was different. We peered down the alley where we’d seen a guy being chased by the police one morning and we heard the voices of construction workers at a home being remodeled. We got an up close look at a house that’s normally hidden behind big wooden planks. We were both thrown by the change that just 30 feet made.

It was like a whole new world. I only wish we’d taken the opportunity to break into song like Aladdin and Jasmine.

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