Not so Flat


It turns out there are still people out there who think the Earth is flat and one of them is a rapper who pops up on my Pandora station when I’m on the treadmill. B.o.B. also thinks that astronauts never landed on the moon and that the government is hiding something on the North Pole. But what have they secreted away up there? Santa Claus’ dope digs? Polar bears with laser headgear?

Luckily, the awesome Neil deGrasse Tyson got on top of this and called the dude out. Pop culture and science aligning is pretty much my go to entertainment, so I was all-in for this drama. Not surprisingly, B.o.B. did not respond positively to the truth. I’ve also found that people who believe things that were disproven centuries ago aren’t easily convinced by reality.

B.o.B. was so threatened by the bombardment of facts that he released a track trying to convince us all not to be tricked by NASA. He was just starting to get me to give up everything I hold near and dear (the scientific method, I mean), when he put down Neil’s vest—telling him he better loosen it. Don’t mess with the vest, kid. He forgot to insult Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle, so it wasn’t a very comprehensive diss track.

Things took a really excellent turn in this feud when Neil’s nephew released his own track. It is amazing and calls out B.o.B. for clearly not reading enough books. Now that’s an insult I can get behind. I would love to see more rap battles with snubs like that, confronting people for not memorizing Shakespearean sonnets or forgetting the planetary order of our solar system.

I think the ultimate solution to this problem is to send the #EarthisFlat supporters on a trip to find the edge. The journey would literally last forever and they wouldn’t have any time to become politicians or try to (mis)educate children.

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