Monumental Snow


Yesterday I walked 7 miles through the snow so I could snowboard at the Washington monument. It turns out it’s not a great place to board, since the incline was about 4 degrees and the powder was too high. Whatev though. Sometimes you have to take life into your own hands.

Here is some of what Dave and I saw while we were out becoming rogue winter sports enthusiasts:

  1. A thousand tiny people sliding down the hill at the Capitol building on make-shift sleds, including tupperware lids, cardboard boxes, political signs, pool toys, and garbage can tops.
  2. Forty-seven people digging out their cars, flinging snow into the street and onto other cars. Don’t ask me where these people thought they were going.
  3. A husky laying in two feet of snow, super chill and obviously in his happy place.
  4. A six year old heading straight toward a statue in the park with his sled, definitely planning to slide down the base.
  5. A mother asking her six year old if he is really going back to the statue after he already hurt himself there once.
  6. A six year old reluctantly deciding not to sled down the base of a statue and instead choosing the steps.
  7. My new friend, Adam, who Dave and I met both on our walk to monument and our trek back. He agreed that the Capitol was overrun with tiny children and shared our general joy for the day.
  8. A super rad dude kite-boarding on the Mall.
  9. A tiny puppy who got lost in the very deep snow but was eventually like, “NBD. I got this.”
  10. A group of international tourists who were probably more excited about the guy using a snowblower in front of the Natural History museum than they would have been in the museum. Or maybe not. They seemed to be really excited about life in general.

Everyone is pretty happy about this whole situation. Except the people who own that car that caught fire because they got stuck and couldn’t accept reality. That’s what denial does to you.

4 thoughts on “Monumental Snow

  1. Hurray for Snow! What a wonderful fun time you had! Love reading that nobody in D.C. has a need to own a real sled – and made do with whatever they could find 🙂

  2. Glad you took your snowboard to the National Mall! Years and years ago we took our x-country skis to the Mall.It wasn’t the biggest snow storm in history but we had a great time!

    1. That sounds like so much fun! We saw some x-country skiers out there yesterday and I was definitely wishing I had mine with me.

  3. Haha that was a pretty great recap of the walk. I especially appreciate the group of tourists who clearly wanted to visit closed museums but instead; had a street wide snowball fight, climbed the mounds of snow on the side of the street, posed with snowballs, posed with snowblowers, posed with people shoveling the snow, and took pictures of us carrying our snowboards. We are gonna be famous!

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