I have been doing snow dances around my yard. I mostly just wave my arms in the air, stomp my feet, and yell nonsense about how the snow is here. I look like a crazy woman, but I often look like a crazy woman, so no big deal.

It hasn’t really felt like winter until now. We’ve had cold, rainy days, but we haven’t had any snow. I’ve been wearing my fancy winter coat and this is my first chance to break out the real jacket. Now I can bundle up in all my gear, decide I have to pee, peel it all off, take care of business, get it all back on, and wander through the snow. You snow-folk know what I’m talkin’ about.

As a Michigander, I’m not used to ringing in the new year without any snow on the ground. It was feeling like fall just lingered for too long. Like an awkward guest who stayed at a party even after all the hummus ran out, it didn’t know when to go home. I don’t usually have that problem at a party because I always want to go home. Lucky for me, Snowzilla is forcing everyone inside, so Dave and I can gambol around the neighborhood alone.

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