Bend Toward Justice


Yesterday was MLK Jr. Day—a moment for us to think about the injustices in the world and how we, like King, can act in brave and powerful ways to improve them.

When we memorialize someone as remarkable and influential as Martin Luther King Jr., it’s easy to forget that he was really just a person—same as us. He probably wished he could stay in bed some mornings and I bet he didn’t eat enough vegetables. If we forget that he was merely human, it becomes easier to deny our own ability to effect change and move the world. It makes it easier to tell ourselves that someone else, someone more than human, more than us, will do something about hunger or poverty or discrimination. But it’s just us. That’s all there is. To me, remembering that our heroes are also flawed human beings reminds me that I can help the world and create something amazing. We have enough in us, just as we are, to change our communities for the better. In fact, we have that responsibility.

So don’t worry about binge watching your favorite show while eating an entire pie. Eventually, you can get off the couch and do something great. Apparently, King was a cigarette-smoking Star Trek fan, so we aren’t that different after all.

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