Real Science


Four new elements have been added to the periodic table. They’re super heavy synthetic metals, which means people are creating them in labs and not finding them in nature. These elements exist for less than a second before they break down into other elements.

I like that we recognize the existence of something that appears for only a moment, something that flashes past us and disappears. In life, people tend to ignore the fleeting—teenage love, passing fear, or gut reactions. Especially if it’s stuff that makes us uncomfortable or requires us to adjust our lives. But it doesn’t matter if you try to disregard those realities. They’re legitimate. Just as real as a metal that you push together under a microscope.

In science, the fact that we can only see an object for a second doesn’t devalue it. It exists. Chemists don’t care that we all have to buy new periodic table posters to hang on our walls. They only care about it being accurate. And isn’t that how we all should be—constantly redecorating our lives to make them better and more complete?

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