Uneven Stevens


Shia LaBeouf is doing another performance art piece. In this one, he’s going to sit at a desk with two other people and take phone calls from the public. There is no part of me that would like to chat with Shia LaBeouf. He’s always asking me to watch him. Last time he performed in this artistic manner, he screened all of his movies in a row and invited the public to join him. It took three days. I had no idea he was in so many films. Unless they were just showing back to back episodes of Even Stevens. I might watch that.

I’m turned off by people who feel the need to be constantly watched, always seeking attention. I recognize some people just feel better when validated, but does their validation have to involve such a show? The people who make me want to walk away without a word or flick their nose in the middle of a conversation are ones who suck up the energy in a space and expand so far they don’t leave room for anyone else.

If I’m feeling expansive, I try my best to lift up the people near me at the same time. I think there’s some sappy quote about how people mostly just care about the way you make them feel and its probably right, though I’m also turned off by insincere, sappy quotes. Regardless, a good benchmark for life is to work hard to feel awesome and make other people feel awesome too.

And if there isn’t enough space for you and all your friends to blow up like balloons, go outside together. But tie yourself to a fence first for safety. What I’m trying to say is I’m of the opinion that we should all be gigantic together.

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