Presto Pesto


In my home, we have a lot of in depth conversations about issues other people might consider frivolous. Those people are wrong. An important topic yesterday: templates. As in, temp-plates. Obviously, when discussing well-used formats, one’s attention turns to disappearing dishware.

Let’s say you’ve finished cooking dinner and are ready to eat at the dining room table. You just got a new set of dishes and plan to put all your food on them before you shovel it into your mouth. The only catch—these temporary plates don’t have much of a shelf life (yeah, I said it). You have just 7 minutes from the moment the first bit of food hits its surface until it disappears. Think of the chaos that would ensue! Piles of spaghetti on the floor. Tables covered in mashed potatoes. Families eating handfuls of peas.

So which is better—boring, regular plates that hold piles of delicious food or mysterious, evaporating plates that add a high level of hilarity to every meal? These are the important quandaries of life.

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