Rungs of Joy


I’m not feeling entirely free from the burdens of my messy week, but I promised myself I’d write about some happiness-inducing things and, damn it, I’m going to do it. Allons-y.

  1. When ducks look for something to eat in the water and their little duck butts stick out
  2. When you buy a bunch of stuff and it rings up to an even dollar amount
  3. Getting to the end of the day and having a fully checked off to do list (this has never happened to me, but in my imagination it is a moment marked by fireworks and doves)
  4. When you feel rockin’ in an outfit, even though you probably look the same as you did a few weeks ago after you put it on and felt like a giant gummi bear (note: this means you are always rockin’ and just sometimes can’t see it)
  5. Walking down the escalator at the Metro and getting right on a train, instead of waiting on the platform
  6. Reading a line in a book that hits you in the gut and makes you remember there are other people who have felt exactly how you’re feeling
  7. Jokes about animals and space, like this killer:


Why was the otter studying astrophysics?

Because he wanted to go to otter space.


Yeah, I made that up. What about it? I could be employed at a popsicle company or a gum wrapper manufacturer.


One thought on “Rungs of Joy

  1. What an excellent list to read to start the day! Let’s us not forget the awesome feeling of finishing your last bite exactly as you feel full. Clean plate club for life.

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