Always Caulk and Float


Last Friday, a ferry that shuttles cars and passengers across the Potomac River broke loose from its track. It made it’s way a glorious 500 yards before it was picked up and tugged back to shore. This ferry is the last one on the Potomac that uses a cable, because this isn’t Oregon Trail, people. Locals, however, have determined that bridges are too modern and intimidating and would rather have a random stranger pull them from shore to shore with a rope.

This ferry is officially named after a confederate general but is colloquially known as White’s Ferry, which is pretty much the same thing.

The boat, as it made its escape, exclaimed, “All my friends have retired. I am a thing of the past. Let me go gentle into that good night.” It may also have muttered, “I’m embarrassed of my racist name. I can’t show my face here anymore.” Either way, the ferry owner denied the request.

After its failed attempt at liberation, taking both human and automotive hostages, the ferry got a break for the evening. But by Saturday it was back to work, since the only fix necessary was the order to “put that thing back on the cable.”


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