Three for the Price of Thumb


For this year’s Thanksgiving, it was just Dave and I at home. We had one big plan. Or, I should say, Dave had one big plan. He wanted to cook a squa-plant-cchini. It is a squash, stuffed with an eggplant, stuffed with a zucchini. In order to make it, we had to cut each one length-wise, hollow them out, and fit them together. We made stuffing out of their innards and put that between each layer. Then we tied the two halves together and baked it for an hour. Dave thought this would be a genius idea and I thought it would be a great opportunity to slice my hand open. One of us was right.

In the end, it looked pretty but tasted like a bunch of poorly seasoned, roasted vegetables. As a vegan, I’m all about veggies. They’re basically all I eat. However, I am not all about a meal that takes two hours to create and tastes worse than one we could prep in ten minutes. Dave was excited about the first few successful swipes at the squash with his ice cream scoop, but when the clock hit a half hour, even he admitted the task was getting old. It was fun to get in the kitchen together, but the veggies would have tasted better if we’d just chopped them up and tossed them in a pan. So our Thanksgiving dinner adventure was a reminder that often simpler is better. Unless you’re bedazzling a jean jacket. Then please go all out.

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