[joyous babbling]


I have a new mission in life. It is to meet a North American porcupine and feed it something. After watching videos of Teddy the Porcupine, I am obsessed with how he talks while he’s enjoying a snack. It’s probably the most amazing thing you’ll see all month, so drop what you’re doing and watch him chomping down on some mini pumpkins.

Apparently, all North American porcupines vocalize, but not as much as Teddy. He was left in a barn as a baby and raised in an animal sanctuary, so he’s comfortable with people and can never live in the wild. His handler thinks that’s part of the reason why he speaks so frequently—he never learned that porcupines aren’t usually talkative. I’m wondering if he talks during other activities, like taking a bath or going for a walk. I would like to volunteer to take him for a stroll and find out.

In this investigation of Teddy and his like-specied friends, I also learned that porcupines don’t shoot out their quills. The quills, which are hairs covered in keratin, are close to their skin and covered by softer hair. A porcupine will only push forward it’s quills, which easily detach, if it feels threatened.

Teddy, however, is a friendly and happy porcupine. He might not enjoy being hugged too tightly and it’s probably best to not sneak up on him, but he’s got some significant human friends. He knows that it’s ok to love someone and give them space. Also that it’s ok to screech with joy.

May we all zealously enjoy the deliciousness of life as Teddy does.

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