A Real Human Baby


So this week’s Walking Dead episode didn’t give us any of the important answers for which we were all waiting. I’m not happy about it. I would like to know if Glenn is dead, but now, because we don’t know for sure and because no one has mourned him, I’m sure he’s alive. He definitely crawled under that dumpster.

Maggie felt the need to go find him, but she had to stay back. Because she’s pregnant with Glenn’s baby—his adorable, tough, super cool baby (obviously). Good plan on her part, because could you even imagine if Glenn found his way back and her baby-carrying self got eaten by zombies? Not a good outcome to that situation. I think I would be like the old Maggie though. I would feel like I had to go search and help. It would drive me insane to just wait. Apparently, however, they both agreed she needed to stay behind and she’s keeping her promise.

They better give me what I want next week, or I’ll… continue to watch every episode, eager and in angst.


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