Tiny Superheroes


Yesterday, I happily celebrated Halloween on my porch, dressed as a zombie chick and handing out candy to little people. Luckily, Dave and I bought three huge bags of sweets, because we got a lot of trick or treaters. It started out slow. I wasn’t sure if we would get anyone at all and was starting to feel a little disheartened. We expected them to come earlier in the evening, because in Michigan the kids start early, avoiding the impending freeze and darkness of the night.

I spent the morning painting some Halloween decorations and we were ready for families by 5:30pm. The rush started around 7pm and I was rewarded with a lot of adorable 4 year olds. I met approximately 13 mini Ironmen and 7 tiny Elsas. I met a baby cheetah who laughed at my zombie makeup. I met a Weeping Angel who didn’t know that’s who he was. By the end of the night, I’d say we had at least 200 trick or treaters.

Also, my friend brought over adorable, homemade ghost cookies and I watched the University of Michigan win—all without leaving my home.

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