This is Halloween


I’m so excited for Halloween. It’s my mom’s favorite holiday, so it was always super fun at home. We had boxes and boxes of costumes (separate from our regular, everyday costumes), and my mom was always trying to convince one of us to be a wacky tourist. We denied the request every year.

My parents made most of our costumes, often by putting together things that we’d collected and then creating some final piece—like a hand-me-down bunny costume with a homemade Energizer drum. One year, though, they brought home a pirate costume. I can’t remember how we got it, but it definitely came from a store, so it was automatically fancy. I wore that outfit in every possible costume-necessary situation until I outgrew it and the fake parrot lost all its feathers.

Last year, my mom finally convinced my dad, after decades of cajoling, to attend a Halloween party as a pair of eccentric Disney visitors.

Leave a comment. Just try it. It will be fun, I swear.