The Herd


Yesterday I survived a huge crowd. I hate huge crowds. They make me anxious and stress me out—something about being herded in one direction with a large mass of people.

I was in line to get into a soccer game. Usually I’d plan to arrive once the line had died down, so I could avoid the rush, but today they were giving out t-shirts and Dave wanted one. I sacrificed my sanity and in we went.

The chaos of the entrance drove me crazy. There were people everywhere and no one to make sure that we got through in the order in which we arrived, which meant the swag was running out. It was ok in the end; we got shirts (though three sizes too big) and our team won the game, but it wasn’t a great way to start to my afternoon.

This endeavor combined two of my greatest anxieties—crowds in close quarters and chaotic activities that aren’t meant to be chaotic. And yet, I made it through with only a minor emotional breakdown. I’m putting it in the success column.

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