The Uninformed Borrowers Club


I can’t wait for the day when my extra paychecks or tax refunds go toward a vacation or a room full of pie. Right now, they’re all sent to pay off my student loans. Along with every one of my regular paychecks.

It’s so hard to pay for an education. I hear a lot of people in older generations saying that we should be able to figure it out—take a second job, go to a cheaper school, find a career that doesn’t require extra degrees. To them I say… nothing, because it’s very difficult to convince people about reality when they hold fast to uninformed, preconceived notions.

They don’t understand that most of us do take on extra work, that tuition inflation is far beyond that of most industries, and that many desirable jobs are impossible to get without higher education. They also aren’t looking at who is benefitting from the high cost of tuition and exploding student loan business. Believe me, it isn’t them and it isn’t us.

For a long time, I was angry about getting pulled into this mess. Luckily, I’m pulling myself out and I have a happy life. Despite my massive commitment to The Man, not everyone is as lucky as I am. I still get to eat bad takeout and visit cities I’ve never seen. I also get to be a part of a really big, dysfunctional club full of young, smart, struggling adults.

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