Little by Little


It seems like every time I open my newsfeed or walk past the gigantic television at my office, I’m smacked in the face with how terrible people are treating one another. We’re fighting wars based on fear-mongering, executives are profiting while people are losing their savings, and children are getting bullied for being themselves. It’s a tough world out there, guys.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded there are people working hard to make things better. This month, I got that from Attorney General Loretta Lynch when she spoke about how she and her team are battling the dangerous laws passed in North Carolina and the general push for sanctioned and unsanctioned hate crimes across the country. Lynch had already warned the North Carolina government that their new law forcing people to enter only bathrooms that matched the gender they were assigned at birth are illegal and must not be enforced. State officials ignored her warning, because they were really busy unlawfully discriminating against citizens and that’s time consuming work.

Lynch talked about the lawsuit they’re filing against the state of North Carolina, its governor, the state’s Department of Public Safety, and the University of North Carolina, saying “it’s about the founding ideals that have led this country—haltingly but inexorably—in the direction of fairness, inclusion and equality for all Americans.” Now that’s inspiring. That could get you to sign a petition or text a number to donate $1 or go on a 5k walk. It might even get us to elect officials who don’t attempt to legalize hate.

She also spoke directly to the communities being threatened, saying Please know that history is on your side. This country was founded on a promise of equal rights for all, and we have always managed to move closer to that promise, little by little, one day at a time. It may not be easy—but we’ll get there together.” She’s right. It can be a challenge to get people do to what is so obviously right—because of all those terrible things we’re seeing on the news every day, all those people who haven’t yet woken up and realized we do better when we lift one another up. That just means we need to roll up our sleeves, listen to some more inspiring speeches, and remember to use the appropriate hashtags of support. Oh, also just be kind to one another and don’t uphold state-sanctioned discrimination or whatever.


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