Preemptive Haunting


Today I’m going to a haunted house up on the hill of a strange town in West Virginia. I think it was once a bed and breakfast, but before that it was definitely inhabited by a pair of outcast sisters, misunderstood by the people who lived in the town below. I’m sure they somehow died together in a tragic accident, likely due to the actions of the fearful townspeople. Now they haunt the home that I’ll be sleeping in for the next two nights, so I need to get prepared.

I think they may already be pre-haunting me, because something unknown has been trying to murder me all week.

First, I was attempting to remove a straight pin from a plastic container and it flung toward me, hitting me in the throat before falling to the ground. Luckily, I have really thick neck skin, so I survived.

Later, I almost electrocuted myself by not noticing my plugged in hair dryer in the sink before turning on the water. This is particularly embarrassing since my sink is the size of a small cat or a large kitten. I still maintain that I didn’t leave it there.

After that, I had to drive to the grocery store in the rain and my windshield wipers decided to just move the water around instead of clearing it away. Obviously, I slowed down to the speed of an 86 year old for safety. It turned out to be a less safe choice, because the city bus behind me got frustrated and swerved around me—almost pushing me off the road.

I’ve evaded the attempts of these sister-ghosts so far, but going to sleep in their bedroom just seems like I’m flying too close to the sun. Though I hear there might be a hot tub, so… you win some, you lose some.



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