Nerd Island


I really earned my nerd card yesterday.

I started the morning by making a May the 4th joke in a meeting that no one understood. We were discussing a party we’re throwing on that date, and I said it should be Star Wars themed. Everyone just blankly stared at me. So then I had to explain the whole thing and it turned into a big nerdy mess. I’m usually surrounded by fellow geeks, so sometimes I forget how to relate to the normal kids.

After that I went to the gym to run with my zombie app. I had to pick up some medical supplies and make it back to our township before getting caught by a zombie runner. This seemed totally legit until I tried to explain it to someone else at the gym. Doesn’t everyone use apocalyptic storytelling as exercise motivation?

In the evening, I read some feminist literature, played a video game where you shoot the undead, and watched the newest episode of Game of Thrones. I didn’t get answers to any of my most pressing questions, so I ended the night a slightly disappointed nerd. That’s a feeling that we, as a general geek group, are used to.

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