Tiny Mistakes No. 2


Not surprisingly, I continued to make a multitude of tiny mistakes last week. I like to think that they just keep me on my toes—remind me that although I’m awesome, I better keep my head on my shoulders and not get ahead of myself. Here are a few choice tiny mistakes that I think are worth sharing:

  1. Forgot to eat the banana I’d stashed in my desk for so long I could start to smell it
  2. Dyed my forehead purple in an attempt to dye (only) my hair
  3. Totally whiffed a soccer ball coming my way, resulting in mild embarrassment and a missed assist
  4. Burned my tongue on macaroni and cheese because I was too impatient to wait for it to cool
  5. Insisted we didn’t need to take the metro and got soaking wet from the inevitable rainstorm that followed that decision
  6. Tried to participate in a networking event with Dave and ended up telling someone their hopes and dreams were terrible
  7. Ran into a construction zone fence when crossing the street and was almost hit by a passing car (luckily, the “almost” part makes this a tiny mistake)

Also, I just remembered that I left that banana in my desk over the weekend. I’ll just add “angered my deskmates with rotting fruit” to next week’s list.


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