Dirty Laundry


I recently read an article about how often we should be washing different articles of clothing. You don’t need to click on that link; it won’t teach you anything useful. After reading it, I first thought, “Man, I don’t know anything about living like a hygienic adult.” Then I realized this person knew nothing about reality and was just writing gibberish. Or maybe she lives in a manor with full-time staff and a thousand washing machines. That would be a huge manor with a really big water bill.

The suggestions are ridiculous. I can’t believe anyone is washing their jeans after 5 wears. And I have never washed my winter coat, so that seems like a really high bar to set for people. Most outrageous is the suggestion that I wash my bra after I wear it 3 times. That’s insanity.

There’s a note at the end of the article with an exception. I was hoping it would say, “If you aren’t totally disgusting, you can disregard most of this.” Instead it told me that if I was really sweaty or messy, I would need to be even more vigilant with my laundry. This article was definitely not meant for someone who relies on the smell-test to figure out what to wear each morning (me).

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