There’s Always Money in the Taco Stand


I got my first real job around the same time I started eating at Taco Bell. I had worked as a babysitter and a dog walker, but never for a real company to earn a real paycheck. I didn’t begin frequenting Taco Bell because I became an honest working American though. I started eating soft taco supremes because they were cheap, the place was close, and my best friend was a fan.

It was a wild time in my life—selling snowboards and eating stomachache-inducing Mexican food. I stopped both activities pretty much simultaneously, but they had lasting effects. The biggest impact being that I now equate money with tacos. Every purchase I make, I think to myself, “How many tacos could I get for this price?” And because I was buying tacos at a sketchy fast food restaurant, my answer is always equal to the price. $1=1 taco.

Now when I’m looking at a fancy dress, I think, “Is this really worth 178 tacos?” The answer is usually no.

3 thoughts on “There’s Always Money in the Taco Stand

  1. As someone who is eating or thinking about eating most of the day, this definitely dictates a majority of my decisions. Great post!

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