Game Day


Sometimes you have to do something just because it makes you happy. It’s easy to forget that because we all have so much going on in our lives. We have important obligations and we’re constantly thinking about other people. It’s not bad that we feel that way. I’ve made some great decisions because I felt they were a necessity or I thought they would make someone else feel good. But, so long as you aren’t really hurting anyone, there are times when you have to throw that to the wind.

Dave often has a hard time with that. He feels a lot of responsibility for creating a good life for himself and the people he loves. That means he is kind, thoughtful, and hardworking, but it also means he denies himself things he thinks are too extravagant. I decided enough was enough and bought something he’s been wanting for awhile—a new gaming system. He wanted a PS4, but was happy with his PS3. I’d planned to buy the system for him as a graduation gift in May, but I’m not one to pass up a good sale and along came Black Friday. Though I bought it on Thursday. Whatev.

So I made an executive decision and off we went—returning with a fancy shmancy computer for fun and fun alone. It’s sort of the epitome of the “do it just because it makes you happy” motto. And it makes me happy to do something nice for a person who is constantly, silently sacrificing. So really, it’s a win-win. Also, this will help to develop my super cool nerd chic status, which is really important to me.

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