Almost Assisted Living


I just read an article about Granny-Pods—tiny homes you can place in your backyard for an elderly relative. Grandma and Grandpa move into the miniature abode and you take care of them, while still allowing for some measure of independence.

This is the perfect solution for my life. What I mean is, if you would like to take care of me but will still allow me the freedom to do whatever I want at all times, I would like to live in a tiny home in your backyard. Any takers?

I would be quiet. I don’t have much stuff. I’d say strange but entertaining things. I’d just ask that you buy my groceries, drop off home-cooked meals, drive me around, and manage my finances. Also I’d like you to drop in sometimes so I can talk about the good old days.

Leave a comment. Just try it. It will be fun, I swear.