Tougher than Life


“Life is tough, but so are you.” Kid President told me that today—not directly, but in a video for thousands of other people (and me). I took the message to heart though because life has been feeling a little tough. Here are some things I think I’ll do today to remind myself that I’m pretty great and that it will all be ok:

  1. Eat something delicious and remember that even on a bad day there are tiny moments of happiness
  2. Watch Buffy slay some vampires and remember that sometimes the whole world is trying to murder you but you can be a badass and wear mini-skirts while beating the demons
  3. Go for a run and remember that my body is great because it carries me from place to place and helps my brain think and my arms hug and my fingers write

Leave a comment. Just try it. It will be fun, I swear.