Fourty Seven Steps to Pro


We play soccer on a rec league at a local high school one day a week. Dave has been playing since he could walk and I learned as an adult, with him as my coach. So Dave is really excellent and I use it as an excuse to workout.

When he was teaching me, I was mostly playing defense. He told me I need to either go for the man or go for the ball. Since I’m afraid of the ball, I usually go for the man. This creates pretty comical but awesome situations in which I takedown giant guys on the field. One time, I literally bear-hug-tackled this huge dude to the ground.

Meanwhile, I’m working through my ball fear. On Thursday, I took down a ball from the air, stopped a few clutch offensive passes, and completed an almost-assist. Pretty soon, I’ll be taking Abby Wambach’s place.

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