No, Thank You


It’s Sunday, so it’s Walking Dead day. Usually, nothing brings me more joy than watching my zombie-fighting tv friends tackle the challenges of their destructive world. But not tonight. If you watch Walking Dead and haven’t seen this episode, stop reading now. I know that warning is unnecessary, because no reads this but my mom and my husband.

I can’t handle what happened tonight. I’m in denial. I’m hoping that the show will play some kind of Jon Snow trick on us (clearly I’m also hoping for a Jon Snow trick for Jon Snow). My heart is broken for Glenn. He was a character that was full of good and hope and forgiveness. He literally found love in an apocalypse. He saved people that didn’t really deserve to be saved. He was a pizza-toting nerd when we first met him and, lest that make us think he was weak, he was a total badass. He handled the havoc in a way that few other characters have been able to do, with the emotional strength to both recognize the horror and move on with what needed to be done.

Half of me wants to tentatively believe the theorists saying it was Nicholas’ guts spewing all over and that Glenn will climb under the dumpster and wait it out. It doesn’t seem like Glenn would go in any way other than a heart-wrenching sacrifice. The other half of me knows that Walking Dead doesn’t usually play these tricks on its viewers. People die every episode and eventually the characters we love will die too. That half can’t handle processing this death twice, so it’s protecting itself by not committing.

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