Great Scott!


Yesterday was Back to the Future day. I was an adult when I first watched the movie, so I have a different perspective on it than most people my age. I still really appreciated the fashion choices, cool catch phrases, and themed restaurants. Everyone is comparing our reality to Back to the Future’s expectations and I’m also everyone! So here’s my opinion on some of those great predictions:

  1. Flying cars and hoverboards- I am definitely on the side of hoverboards. I think that flying cars would generally be pretty cool, but I don’t really get the point. Would people be flying everywhere? If not, wouldn’t we just have traffic jams in the air? Would there be crashes in the sky? Would we constantly be ducking debris? Hoverboards, however, seem to be a “harm the hover-er only” situation in the case of disasters. They also seem to function relatively low to ground, which is my style.
  2. Dehydrated food- As a kid, I always wanted to try that astronaut ice cream. I thought it would taste like cotton candy. I haven’t tried it, so the jury’s still out for me on this one.
  3. Computer-generated celebrities- Tupac’s hologram. That is all.
  4. Video chat, thumbprint-recognizing keypads, and drone cameras- Yes, yes, and yes. So much reality in there that it’s not even worth discussing.

So here’s what I learned from going through those predictions. I hate traffic, am afraid of falling from great heights, and was a deprived child without access to astronaut food.

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