Internet Intrusions


I’m a little bit afraid of social media. I don’t like that it will spring upon me someone that, in real life, I would never again encounter. I’m comfortable with the fact that people move in and out of my life, and I don’t feel like I need to go backward and find those lost ones.

In a particularly jolting pseudo-interaction, a boy from middle school sent me a friend request and I found out he was a porn star. In the abstract, I don’t feel like I have a problem with porn stars, but this kid was creepy. He wanted so much to be cool in middle school and it turns out he didn’t get any less desperate. I really didn’t want that knowledge in my head, but, thanks to Facebook, it was forced into my brain.

Luckily, my subconscious has saved me from the particularities of this memory. I can’t remember his name or his face, but the fact that this weird, sad kid from middle school became a weird, sad porn star stuck. Also that he wore an oversized gold chain.

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