Disappearing Hours


Dave says you aren’t wasting your time if you’re enjoying it. I disagree. And I waste a lot of time. I feel ok about it in the moment, but then I realize I should have spent my hours differently. That totally takes away from the initial enjoyment of sitting on my couch eating gummi candy and watching videos of elephants dancing.

Just yesterday, I spent a good chunk of time catching up on a ridiculous sitcom. I really wanted to know what happened to characters that I was mildly interested in three years ago and, instead of just reading Wikipedia for ten minutes, I watched episodes for hours. The fact that I did my laundry and cooked some food at the same time didn’t make me feel any better about this choice. I felt like I should have been running or reading or drawing. If I stitched together all my wasted time and used it wisely, I would probably be Beyonce or Hilary Clinton right now.

I still feel guilty about it, but look—another day came and I got another chance (to watch reality television and eat cookies).

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