Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose


We’ve been watching a lot of football lately. Dave has a fantasy team, so he’s always hoping for strange things, like the team he hates scoring 6 but not 7 points. I went to a high school that was crazy about football, so I can follow a game, but I mostly just cheer because I love all things Michigan.

The problem with football, especially professional football, is that you watch for 5 hours and you see about 13 minutes of action. And that 13 minutes is split into intervals of just a few seconds here and there. In a world where people can’t sit still for a half hour without watching a stranger do something embarrassing, I’m surprised that football has lasted. That’s why it needs all the distractions—the cheerleaders, the fact-ridden commentary, the wild commercials. I’m all for a good distraction, but I need something more than pom-poms and stats from 1977 to keep me interested.

I’ll tell you what works—an inspiring coach leading a team of lost, but beautiful teenagers to an emotional victory.

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