Big Sacrifices


One hard thing about being married is saving the last bits of something delicious for the person you love. Yesterday, I was watching some really classy tv and eating Oreos, minding my own business and just generally chillaxin’. As I reached in for another cookie, I realized that there were just a few left. Now, Dave and I made some pretty serious vows to one another when we were married. Among all the typical promises couples make, Dave promised to always clean the bathroom and I promised not to eat the last bites of his favorite foods.

So here I was, in the middle of an evening snack and knowing that I made a promise. Which kind of wife was I going to be tonight? I saved the last three for Dave. A tiny piece of me felt sad that I didn’t have more cookies to eat, but most of me felt happy about making him happy. Which he was. Once he ate them.

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